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Agricultural chemical Emamectin Benzaote 40g/l + Indoxacarb 160g/l SC

Product Description

Breaf Introduction: • Highly effective • Novel mode of action (Indoxacarb and Emamectin-benzoate content) • Stable under adverse environmental conditions • Broad-spectrum of activity • Synergistic effect of the 2 Active Ingredients • Suitable for use on a wide range of crops • Translaminar action • Not phytotoxic when used as directed



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Basic Parameters

Product Name:Emamectin Benzaote 40g/l + Indoxacarb 160g/l SC


HS Code380891-Insecticide

Mode of ActionEmamethite causes a large number of chloride ions to enter the nerve cells of insect pests and disrupt nerve conduction, so that the larvae stop eating within 1 minute after exposure, resulting in irreversible paralysis and reaching the fatality rate in 3 to 4 days. Indoxacarb is quickly converted into an enzyme in the intestine after being fed by pests. Within minutes, the insects stop feeding, become paralyzed, and generally die within 4 hours of receiving the drug.

Product Features

Vegetables and fruits are indispensable to our daily life, and their quality and safety is also a topic of concern to us. Nowadays, diseases and insect pests occur constantly, and as a compound agent, anvil · indoxacarb has a broad insecticidal spectrum and guaranteed control effect, which has been applied to a variety of crops.

Product Application

• Highly effffective

• Novel mode of action (Indoxacarb and Emamectin-benzoate content)

• Broad-spectrum of activity • Synergistic effffect of the 2 Active Ingredients • Suitable for use on a wide range of crops • Translaminar action • Not phytotoxic when used as directed

Product Stroage

Store in tightly sealed original containers in a dry secure place away from fertilizers, feed and food.

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Crop/ScopeTargetDosage Usage
Rice, cerealsBrown plant hopper, stemborer, leaf folder, green leaf hopper0.3L/ha  30ml/20ltspray
Horticultural crops0.2L/ha  20ml/20ltspray

Applicable crops


Cabbage, pepper, leafy vegetables and other vegetables, corn, wheat and other field crops, litchi and other fruit crops, widely used.  


What kind of insect does anvil indoxacarb kill?


The main prevention and control of beet Moth, plutella xylostella, cabbage xylostella, Cabbage xylostella, cabbage xylostella, gluttonia, cotton bollworm, tobacco xylostella, rice leaf roller, two hua hua, three hua Hua, big moth, leaf moth, apple moth, leaf cicada, tea inchworm, Cabbage moth, cabbage stripe moth, potato beetle and other resistant pests.  



prodenia litura                                   




For the control of cnaphalocrocis medinalis, the interval of use should be at least 28 days and a maximum of 2 times per season.  


  • It has strong toxicity to bees, so it needs to avoid the flowering period of crops to avoid affecting the pollination and insemination process of crops.  
  • Toxic to silkworms, fish, use need to avoid silkworm farms, ponds, rivers, etc., after the use of the bag can not be thrown around.  
  • Do not mixed use with alkaline pesticides.
  • To avoid pest resistance, can be recycled with other insecticides  
  • When spraying drugs, wear masks, gloves and take corresponding protective measures.  



First Aid

If product is inhaled, remove person to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Seek medical attention if breathing problems develop.
Remove contaminated clothing. Wash skin and hair thoroughly; do two soap and water washings.
Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.
Do NOT induce vomiting. Rinse mouth. Drink plenty of water. If symptoms persist, call a physician.

Advice to physician

Treat symptomatically.


Baynoe Agro

1. Q: How does your factory carry out quality control2022-03-07T08:59:41+00:00
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A: Quality priority. Our factory has passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000 and GMP accreditation.We have First-class quality products and strict pre-shipment inspection. You can send samples for testing, and we welcome you to check the inspection before shipment.

2. Q: Can i get some samples?2022-03-07T08:53:11+00:00
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A: free samples is available,but freight charges will be at your account and the charges will be returned to you or deduct from your order in the future.1-10 kgs can be sent by FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT by Door-to-Door way.

3. Q: Which kind of payment terms do you accept?2022-03-07T08:53:29+00:00
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A: For small order, pay by T/T,Western Union or Paypal. For normal order, pay by T/T to our company account.

4. Q: Can you help us registration code?2022-03-07T08:53:48+00:00
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A:GLP registration documents support. We will support you to register, and provide all the required documents for you.

5. Q: Can you painting our logo?2022-03-07T08:54:06+00:00
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A: Yes, we could print customer logo to all the parts of packages.

6. Q: Can you deliver on time?2022-03-07T08:54:27+00:00
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A: We supply goods according to the date of delivery on time,7-10 days for samples; 30-40 days for batch goods.


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