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Agricultural chemical Paraquat 276G/L SL

Product Description

Breaf Introduction:  It is quick touch-killing herbicide than lose activity in earth and without leaving toxicity in the soil.



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Basic Parameters

Product Name:Paraquat 276G/L SL

HS Code380893-Herbicide & PGRs

Mode of ActionAs an herbicide(it’s also known by the brand name Gramoxone), paraquat acts by inhibiting photosynthesis. In light-exposed plants, it accepts electrons from photosystem I(more specifically ferredoxin, which is presented with electrons from PS I) and transfers them to molecular oxygen. In this manner, destructive reactive oxygen species(ROS) are produced.

Product Features

 It is quick touch-killing herbicide than lose activity in earth and without leaving toxicity in the soil.

Product Application

Mix the required amount of PARAQUAT SL with clean water in a spray tank. Add non-ionic wetting agent for best results at three times the rate advised on the label for fungicides. Apply by ground sprayer in 200 to 500 ℓ water. Use a high volume and high dosage rate for spraying dense weed growth. Ensure good weed cover. Do not spray buds or green parts of any crop. PARAQUAT SL kills green tissue but does not harm mature bark. It is inactivated rapidly on contact with the soil and has therefore no residual action.

Product Stroage

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product must be stored, transported and sold in accordance with the relevant Health Department regulations. Store in the closed, original container in a dry, cool, well-ventilated, locked room or a place away from children, animals, food, feedstuffs, seed and fertilisers. DO NOT store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. This product is a Dangerous Good.

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VINEYARDS2,5 – 5,0 ℓApply overall when weeds are 10 to 15 cm high before bud burst of the vines.
Subsequently as a directed spray.
DECIDUOUS FRUIT2,5 – 5,0 ℓSpray as necessary from Spring onwards. Pome fruit only: Mix with SIMAZINE for residual effect.
CITRUS, AVOCADOS, PECANS , PAPAYAS,etc.1,25 – 5,0 ℓIn citrus only, PARAQUAT SL can be mixed with a suitable residual herbicide.
BANANAS, TEA & COFFEE1,25 – 5,0 ℓApply through a low pressure floodjet nozzle.
SUGARCANE1,5 –3,0 ℓDirected post-emergence in plant and ratoon cane. Should the spray come into contact with green cane leaves scorching will occur but this is only a temporary effect. Other suitable herbicides may be added for residual effect.
LUCERNE(> 6 months old)2,5 – 5,5 ℓApply just before dormancy breaks or after cutting before regrowth of lucerne occurs.
(grown in rows)
1,25 – 2,5 ℓUse a knapsack sprayer with suitable shield to protect all parts of the crops from spray mist.
Stale seedbed method
1,25 – 2,0 ℓPrepare seedbed with fertilizer, irrigate and let the weeds emerge to cover the surface. Spray and sow within 3 days without reworking the seedbed. This method is especially useful for crops for which no other herbicde has yet been registered e.g. lettuce,chickory and cucurbits. These may, also be sown a few days before spraying.
MINIMUM CULTIVATION1,5 – 4,0 ℓApply before or just after planting annual crops. May be mixed with a corresponding residual herbicide.
(haulm destruction)
2,5 – 5,0 ℓUse 200 litres water/ha. Do not apply if haulms show signs of wilting as tuber damage may occur. Spray ONLY when at least 5 hours of intensive sunshine are expected to follow.
Young weeds Mature weeds

2,5 ℓ
5,0 ℓ

Use 500 to 1000 ℓ water/ha depending on density of vegetation.
FIRE BREAK2,5 – 3,75 ℓTwo months before the onset of the fire season: Spray a 1 to 2 m wide band (the sparser the vegetation, the wider the band) on both sides of a 5 to 12 m wide untreated strip (or about 10 m from a road or canal). Burn the sprayed bands 3 weeks later, while the unsprayed areas are still green and unburnable. The strip between can be burned relatively safely as soon as the first frost or drought occur so that the veld cannot be burnt.
AFFORESTATION2,5 – 3,75 ℓSpray around young trees with a special appliance.

First Aid

Remove from exposure area to fresh air immediately. Keep affected person warm and at rest. Get medical attention immediately. Do NOT administer supplementary oxygen.
Remove contaminated clothing, shoes and leather goods immediately. Wash contaminated areas with soap and water. If skin is damaged, the paraquat can be absorbed through the skin. Emergency personnel should wear gloves and avoid contamination. If irritation persists, get medical attention immediately.
Flush eyes with lukewarm, gently flowing water for at least 20 minutes or until the product is removed, while holding the eyelid(s) open. Take care not to rinse contaminated water into the unaffected eye or onto the face. If irritation, redness or burning sensations develop, get medical attention immediately.
Do not induce vomiting. Wash mouth with water and give water to drink. Seek medical advice immediately.

Advice to physician

Rapid treatment is essential. Wash out stomach and test urine and gastric aspirate (if clear) for presence of paraquat. Give up to 1 litre of 15 % aqueous suspension of Fuller’s Earth, orally or via gastric tube, together with suitable purgative (200 m of aqueous solution of mannitol). Repeat administration of absorbent plus purgative until absorbent is seen in stools. This should normally take between 4 to 6 hours after start of treatment. Do NOT administer supplement OXYGEN.


Baynoe Agro

1. Q: How does your factory carry out quality control2022-03-07T08:59:41+00:00
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A: Quality priority. Our factory has passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000 and GMP accreditation.We have First-class quality products and strict pre-shipment inspection. You can send samples for testing, and we welcome you to check the inspection before shipment.

2. Q: Can i get some samples?2022-03-07T08:53:11+00:00
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A: free samples is available,but freight charges will be at your account and the charges will be returned to you or deduct from your order in the future.1-10 kgs can be sent by FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT by Door-to-Door way.

3. Q: Which kind of payment terms do you accept?2022-03-07T08:53:29+00:00
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A: For small order, pay by T/T,Western Union or Paypal. For normal order, pay by T/T to our company account.

4. Q: Can you help us registration code?2022-03-07T08:53:48+00:00
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A:GLP registration documents support. We will support you to register, and provide all the required documents for you.

5. Q: Can you painting our logo?2022-03-07T08:54:06+00:00
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A: Yes, we could print customer logo to all the parts of packages.

6. Q: Can you deliver on time?2022-03-07T08:54:27+00:00
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A: We supply goods according to the date of delivery on time,7-10 days for samples; 30-40 days for batch goods.


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