Core Advantage

1.Non-profit – why?


Non-Profit Pesticide Trading Businss

2.Non-profit – our strategy

Our strategy is to develop new production technology or new molecular to form a competitive advantage in future, once it comes true, our products could enter into the market rapidly, and build a protection wall in a short time.

3.Technology Driven

Baynoe Chem has a strong research and development strength, at present, the company’s main business scope is the fine chemical research and development, production and sales, the company chairman Dr.Wu Qinglai in the new pesticide research and development and production field for many years, has developed and applied for a number of new pesticide product patents, and developed a number of new product patents.pesticide patents In the research and development of pesticides (products in research and development), for the annual demand is over than $1 million for a single products, our company can launch the research project to optimize the synthesis route or technology

2017108554841 5-吡唑甲酮类化合物及其应用

2017107946821 取代甲酰(吗啉乙基)哌嗪类化合物及其应用

2017106528560 苯并噁唑-2-氧基苯氧基丙酰亚胺类化合物及其合成方法与应用

2017104297966 除草剂组合物及其应用

2015106916181 3-甲氧基丙烯酸甲酯的合成方法

2014107135809 芳醛与H-膦酸酯脱氢偶联制备甲酰基芳基膦酸酯的方法

2010102025236 2-氯-5-甲基吡啶的合成方法

4.Top 40 Formulation Plan

Mr.Zhang Jianhua, the director and angel investor of the company, is the main shareholder of the company. As the chairman of Suncas Group,the subsidary factory Hunan Suncas Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is one of the top 40 pesticide formulating plan in China, and has been rated as the best pesticide preparation enterprise in Hunan Province for many years.At present, Suncas mainly focuses on the domestic market, and the development and development of extensive and in-depth cooperation.

4.Our Market

After 4 years of development, our products has achieved recognition in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, compared with the traditional general trade, our team strive to do the most meticulous, service, the most strict standards, the most rigorous concept of compliance each trade procedure, ensure that customers can smooth customs clearance, reduce the trade procedure to save customers’ precious time, put more energy on promotion and distribution.